The Joshua Trees National Park

It is a desert area that includes parts of the Colorado and Mojave deserts. Its name comes from a species of cactus, found almost exclusively in this area, called the Tree of Joshua. There are camping areas, but without access to the water, so most visitors spend the night outside the park. A part of the park is crossed by roads, some paved. On days of good visibility, the Mirador de Keys view offers a wide view over the Coachella Valley and the Sea of Salton. Visibility at this point is usually reduced due to pollution from the Los Angeles area. Another point of interest is the presence of an abandoned gold mine.

The park is a very popular destination for free climbing. There are thousands of places appropriate for this activity, with varying levels of difficulty. The roughness of the rock facilitates the climbing, especially since the climatic conditions of the region (absence of snow or ice) do not propitiate the polish of the rocky surface.