San Francisco

It is a mountainous city on the tip of a peninsula surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of San Francisco. It is famous for its fog throughout the year and the Transamerica Pyramid of the financial district is the most characteristic skyscraper. It is a popular destination for international tourists, being famous for the Golden Gate, the Pyramid Transamerica Building, the trams that run through its steep streets, its modernist and Victorian architecture and its Chinatown, popularly known as China. . In the vicinity of San Francisco you will find Silicon Valley, a great center for research in Technology and cybernetics. The city is also an important financial and banking center, since it is home to more than thirty financial institutions. In the bay, is located the island of Alcatraz, place of the famous old prison.

The climate of San Francisco is a Mediterranean climate with oceanic influences, a little cooler than the usual of the California coast due to the great currents coming from the Pacific, with fresh, very humid winters and mild and dry summers.