Lake Tahoe

The lake is famous for its very clean and transparent water as well as the panorama of mountains in all directions. The region where it is located is called simply Tahoe and is known as a ski resort, summer sports and even casinos. Its average depth is 301 m and has a coast of 114 km. Summer activities include hiking, fishing, biking, mountain mountaineering, and horseback riding.

Lake Tahoe also has exceptional golf courses, where you can enjoy the high-altitude location. Long sandy beaches on the south shore are reminiscent of Ocean Shores and offer fun for the whole family. There is a wide variety of water sports including jet skis, sailing, paragliding, jetskiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, water skiing and even scuba diving.

Highlights include artistic and cultural events themed with Nordic culture and outdoor concerts with first class talents such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Elton John.