About California

California in one of the 50 states of the main American nation. It has about 40 million inhabitants and constitutes one of the most popular regions of the country due, mainly, to the famous city of Los Angeles. It is considered that if it were an independent nation California would be in the 5th place of the world ranking in terms of economy, surpassing France and the United Kingdom. In addition, popular culture this region is well known for marking trends, considered the origin of the American film industry, the hippie movement, the Internet and the use of personal computers. The Bay Area of San Francisco and downtown Los Angeles are seen as strong points of technology and entertainment industry respectively.

Being a vast and extensive territory has a wonderful geography. The North has a border with the state of Oregon, to the east with Nevada and Arizona where the Sierra Nevada mountain range is located, the state of Mexico and Baja California are to the south. In the northeast you can visit the Redwood-Douglas fir forests and in the southeastern Mojave desert. The climate allows the entire central region of California to be conducive to agriculture, an example of this being the Central Valley.

One of the most striking aspects of California’s attention is the use of Hispanic names in their territories. This is because the original tribes were colonized by Europeans, mainly Spaniards. It is assumed that as in other countries of the world this affects the population culture, but in the case of California its residents demonstrate a very American culture, however, the Spanish and Mexican influences are perceived.

California has established itself as a site of public interest that some call paradise. In the twentieth century it began to be considered as the ideal holiday destination, sunny, dry, easily accessible by the ocean and mountainous areas. The image of beautiful beaches and enjoyment was promoted in the years 60 by the group the Beach Boys and the trend has been maintained until today.